Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Design Time...

Hi Friends,

Whew, I have been busy busy busy! I was looking at the date of my last has been awhile!

Well, today I thought I would post one of my recent wedding invitation and reply card designs. Someday, I would love to create wedding invitations all day long! Really any kind of invitations but weddings are my favorite. I could literally create these all day long!

Since my own wedding (two years ago today!) I have been infatuated with weddings. I still look at all of the inspiration and ideas online and am in awe of how beautiful these events are. I would not change anything about my wedding but it does amaze me how just two years later the trends have already changed so much!

To all the brides out there...Happy wedding planning! If you would like a custom design, check back soon, I am hoping to have an Etsy shop up soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy this design I have created.

The names on this invite are made up...all text is for design and layout purposes.
Take care!
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