Friday, April 5, 2013

Owls on Parade!

Hi Everyone,

Well, just when I thought it was safe to put away the winter hats...winter shows its ugly face again! 32º on April 5, not unheard of in Minnesota but certainly not welcomed! And if anyone is wondering, we have a chance of snow/rain all weekend! Good thing I have lived here all my life and am a very hearty Minnesotan ;-)

Since it is going to be cold, I may as well show some of the hats that I have made that will most certainly be keeping the littlest of ears warm this weekend! And yes, they are all owls…hence the title of this post!

These are just some of the owl hats I have made recently. These were all made from Sarah's owl hat pattern over at Repeat Crafter Me. If you haven't noticed yet, I will let you know right now, I LOVE her patterns. I use them as she has written them and, a lot of the time, I will just use the main hat pattern and then come up with a way to make the hat my own (i.e. the Shabby-Chic girly hat I made). Animal hats for the little ones seem to be very popular right now and I cannot get enough of them either. I do not have any kids but I do have 5 nieces and a nephew and they all love these hats. (2 of my nieces live in sunny Florida so they do not get much use out of these but I already have some ideas in the works for when they come to frigid MN this December! Get ready girls…its going to be cold!)

Hopefully we can put the winter gear away soon but until that happens I have a great reason to keep on crocheting these cozy hats! Hope you all have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. adorbs!!

    I've been meaning to make owl hats. Probably get some done this summer in time for fall.

    We just got snow today in Saskatchewan, so I feel your pain. 6+ months of the white stuff. ugh!

    1. Thanks! I am so over winter! Soon enough I suppose! Stay warm!