Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Zentangle Wednesday!

Hi Friends,

Well another Zentangle Wednesday is upon us! I figured that since the Easter holiday is this weekend that I would try to do a tangle Easter related. I am not quite sure if I like how it turned out yet...still undecided.

I printed out the "Happy Easter" and the four egg shapes from something I quickly created in Adobe Illustrator and then I filled in the eggs shapes with tangles using my trusty black pens.

I also decided to try some watercolors on them. I have not used watercolors since I was a little kid and it shows! I have always liked the way that the watercolors look with the black ink of a pen on paper...I do need some lessons though.

Does anyone know of some good online watercolor tutorials?

I love adding color to my sketchbook but I usually just use colored pens and pencils. Trying watercolors would be a good challenge for me and like I said before, I just love the way they look with black ink pen.

Anyway onto the picture of this weeks tangle...hope you enjoy and HAPPY EASTER!

I really have to stop taking pictures with my phone...sorry for the bad color!

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