Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Zentangle Wednesday!

Hi Friends,

Who doesn't love cupcakes? It has been very apparent that in the last few years there has been a cupcake explosion...and that is the subject of today's Zentangle.

Cupcakes are not only fun to eat, they are fun to create too! No matter what form they come, drawing, sewing project, crocheted, knitted, clay...they are adorable.

A fun way to create a base for your Zentangle drawing is to use a dingbat from a fun font. There are many websites to download free fonts from...this one came from the font mtf sweet dings from dafont. I chose the dingbat that I wanted to use, made it really big, and then just printed it and started tangling!

Hope this tangle inspires everyone to go out and create cupcakes...whatever the medium may be! Have fun with it!!!

Take care!
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